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How to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot ?

And is it possible to do it for free ?

Create a Facebook Messenger chatbot with Botnation

There are chatbot creation platforms like Botnation, which allow you to easily create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger without having to code a single line of code !

Go through a chatbot creation agency

A chatbot creation agency can create a custom chatbot for your Facebook business page. However, this solution will be expensive.
Want a tip ? Try creating a Facebook chatbot with a platform, before considering delegating the job to an IT development agency.

Code your own Facebook chatbot

Finally, you can code your own chatbot for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Only you’ll need strong coding skills, and time !
This is not the easiest solution.

Why you should create a marketing chatbot for your Facebook Business page ?

A chatbot can help you automate part of your customer service. Your customers can contact you directly on their favorite social network. Your chatbot can be configured to easily answer recurring questions from your customers and prospects.
The Facebook chatbot can also help you make more sales, more leads !

We advise you to use a chatbot creation platform

To create your Facebook chatbot at the best quality/price ratio, we advise you to use a chatbot creation platform like Botnation.

These platforms allow you to create a Messenger chatbot without requiring technical skills, and without having to pay developers! You can configure and customize your chatbot yourself, easily. To deploy your Facebook chatbot, you will then have to subscribe to a very affordable subscription compared to the cost of developing a chatbot !

Spend time on the step of collecting frequently asked questions from your users

During the preparatory stage of designing your Facebook chatbot, we advise you to spend some time on the stage of collecting frequently asked questions from your users.
The better your Messenger chatbot will be able to answer questions, the more it will relieve you of the tedious work of customer service.

Less after-sales service
More sales