How To Run A Restaurant Survey – The Best Questions You Can Use Today

January 12, 2022
How To Run A Restaurant Survey - The Best Questions You Can Use Today

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Restaurant marketing surveys are an easy and cost-effective way to get feedback from consumers. The responses you receive will help improve your menu and service quality and create a memorable experience for guests that visit.

Pay attention to how you phrase questions when conducting customer surveys. This will help get the most out of your questionnaire and motivate customers with honesty, not just for one-time answers but also long term engagement! Below are the most crucial restaurant marketing survey questions that should be focused on to achieve valuable information from those who frequent businesses like yours:

1). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Why did they come into our establishment?

A study by Suffolk University found that 51% of people will visit a restaurant close to their home, and another 28% said they went in due to convenience. Restaurant marketing surveys should help give insight into why guests come in the door and anything you could do differently to improve their experience.

2). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – What was the best part of their meal? 

Restaurant marketing survey questions should aim to discover the best aspects of your establishment. You can then use the answers to improve or introduce new items on your menu that customers will enjoy just as much.

3). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – What was the worst part? 

Restaurant marketing surveys are not all about the positive. However, customers can often tell you what they didn’t like matter-of-factly, so this question helps to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to menu, service, or décor.

4). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – What did they order? 

Restaurant marketing surveys should discover how customers got exposed to the products on your menu. Survey questions should cover all menu categories so you can learn something about each of them.

5). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – What time of day do they visit? 

Restaurant marketing survey questions should be more than just evenings or weekends. The more information you have, the easier it is to find your best demographic.

6). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – How did they hear about your restaurant? 

Restaurant marketing surveys should get the lowest hanging fruit from customers to find out where they first saw or heard about your business. This information will help improve branding, SEO, and social media presence to compete for new customers. 

7). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – How long did it take them to be seated? 

Restaurant marketing surveys should identify the period between when they entered and were seated for their meal. A long wait can be indicative of many problems. Hence, it is essential to find out what factors are causing this to prevent it from happening again. 

How To Run A Restaurant Survey

8). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – How was their service? 

Restaurant marketing survey questions need to determine how well they experienced your restaurant’s service. If the staff fails to meet standards, customers will let you know if they are dissatisfied or have suggestions for improvement.

9). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – How was the menu? 

Restaurant marketing surveys need to determine menu satisfaction beyond ≈

 just taste and appearance. Sometimes, customers look for something different when it comes to their experience. Many factors can affect customer satisfaction with the menu, so it should be solicited at different times

10). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – What age group does you belong to? 

Finding out the age demographic of your patrons is essential after all different age brackets have different tastes, which means you can precisely cater to your target audience.

11). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Would you come back again?

An important question that you should always ask is if they wouldn’t come back to your restaurant, were they happy?

12). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – How often do you dine with us? 

Finding out if your respondents will often be dining with you could give you a great insight into how important the answers are.

13). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Did you use any of our discounts or special offers? 

Suppose you are currently running any special offers. In that case, you may want to miss this question out, as you should be offering some discount or coupon code to get your customers in more often. (don’t worry, chatammo restaurant edition can do this for you).

14). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – What did you like best about our menu?

Is there a stand-out dish within your menu, how do they find the design? This small question will get you all of the information you need to improve our push an item. (Chatammo can also suggest your best-selling food).

15). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Did you feel that the restaurant accommodated your dietary restrictions?

How is your restaurant coping with all the various dietary needs? You might be surprised by the answers.

16). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – In your experience, is our menu varied enough to satisfy every preference?

Gaging your food menu by asking this question can bring many results that can be surprising, as many restaurants find that their menu is often too varied, which means that it can be trimmed and made a lot more manageable.

17). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Were you satisfied with our drink menu?

How did your patrons find the drinks menu? You can ask this in a multiple choice type question with a small space left for any comments your customers may have.

18) Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Was there anything missing from the menu?

When combined with an online ordering system such as chatammo, this can bring vital information regarding your customers’ food preferences and give great feedback on your food and drink.

restaurant marketing survey questions - digital menu

19). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Was the staff friendly and welcoming?

One of our favorite questions to be asked to increase your restaurant business, if your staff are attentive, then it’s simply a case that your sales will go up. Has your staff training produced the waiting for staff that you hoped for?

20). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Did your waiter recommend any of our menu specials?

Your specials are an excellent way to sell more of a particular dish. So it is essential that the service wasn’t just good, but they are also selling more and offering great food choices.

21). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Did the waiter ask whether you’d like to see the dessert menu and/or have a cup of coffee at the end of your meal?

Again all about the upsells, and this question makes sure that your upsells are doing their job.

22). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Which platform did you use to place your food order?

The Perfect question to find out thoughts on your online ordering or QR codes systems.

23). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied were you with the online ordering experience on our website?

Suppose you don’t have an online ordering system on your website. In that case, you are leaving money on the table, so even if it is just to pre-order meals or collect take-out food, you should ask this. Chatammo builds these features perfectly without paying further commissions on your food sales.

24). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Was your order correct?

Of course, this will be cut down when using a digital menu, but it is essential to find out how well orders are being placed. Again, this could be framed as one of your multiple-choice questions so as not to overwhelm you.

25). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – How quickly did your food arrive?

It is always important to find out if your customer’s food arrived promptly within your restaurant survey.

26). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Was the safety seal intact when you opened the delivery bag?

If you aren’t offering take-out food, this isn’t needed, and you would be better off concentrating on your customer’s restaurant experience.

27). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Was the food as fresh and tasty as it is when you have it in the restaurant?

Again another take-out question but a significant one to ensure your restaurant has the same standards and your food quality is maintained throughout your business.

28). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the cleanliness of our restaurant?

My dear old mum would always go straight to the ladies in a restaurant to check out the cleanliness of the restaurant, and if the loo didn’t pass muster, then we weren’t eating there.

29). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – How did you find the ambiance in our restaurant?

This is a great question to find how the total customer experience has been. You will often find a few hidden gems replied to this open-ended question.

30) Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – How likely is it that you will recommend our restaurant to a friend or family member?

This is also a great question to lead to leaving a review. If the experience was good, the restaurant reviews are very much the lifeblood of your restaurant.

31). Restaurant Marketing Survey Questions – Is there anything we can do to motivate you to visit us more often?

restaurant marketing survey questions

What are good survey questions for a restaurant?

Good survey questions will bring you a more profound knowledge of your restaurant and know where you can improve and do everything just right.

What are the five types of survey questions?

There are five types of survey questions: 1. Multiple choice 2. Open-ended 3. Likert scale 4. Matrix 5. Draw and label


You will keep more engagement with yourself and your customers by adding variations to your questions. They will want to answer your questions

What are good questions for a survey?

The questions above give you a tremendous amount of information and will always be good to ask. Of course, we aren’t saying that you might want to ask them all, but you can undoubtedly cherry-pick the best.

Create restaurant feedback form right now

So the creation of your restaurant questionnaire might be what is holding you back right now. That’s understandable.

The important thing is to gather feedback. Within the chatammo restaurant edition, you can ask questions easily and quickly. This means you can also link your answers straight up to a simple spreadsheet that will present all customer feedback in one simple-to-use place, ready for you to act upon.

Gathering customer feedback

You are already putting your restaurant front and center by conducting online surveys, showing your customers that you care about your business and how they find it.

Why should you create a restaurant survey?

Restaurant owners rarely get the chance to gain valuable insight into their business. Still, by running a survey, you are ensuring that you are informed around not just the restaurant industry as a whole but, more importantly, your restaurant.

Use survey results to improve your restaurant.

Your survey should have the ability to ask important questions about your business. It will give great feedback, no matter how good or bad the answers are.

Put Your New Knowledge to Use

Once you have collected the results of your surveys, you should have everything you need to implement a better experience for your customers and turn what was once a visit out for a meal into a complete Guest experience that your customers will tell their friends and family about

Tell me the best way to conduct restaurant customer satisfaction surveys?

The best way to conduct your restaurant marketing would be to offer some competition so that people would be more likely to enter. You could quickly do this via the chatammo restaurant edition. In addition, it would make it a more enjoyable experience to increase your survey responses.

Easy solutions for creating restaurant surveys

As stated, the most straightforward solutions for creating your survey would be through chatammo, as paper surveys just don’t cut it with the amount of organization that is needed to gather information and get some usable survey data.

Benefits of a Restaurant Survey Form

  • Collect honest feedback: You’ll get your consumers’ unedited feedback on your food, service, and overall experience.
  • Improves quality of service: You can use surveys to improve your menu and service and address problems that customers have. Based on the comments you receive, you may discover issues with your menu and services that need to be addressed.
  • Maps out improvements: Asking restaurant service survey questions regularly will allow you to monitor the impact of your adjustments.
  • Collect customer data: Asking questions that aid in understanding consumers’ age group and how often they eat at your restaurant will be a godsend when it’s time to offer targeted incentives and deals.
  • Avoids negative reviews left on third-party platforms: Finally, a restaurant owner’s survey is like a lifeboat. Customers unhappy with their experience typically post negative reviews on the internet to air their grievances. But suppose you equip them with a restaurant feedback survey before they leave. In that case, they will tell you straight what they did not enjoy rather than complaining publicly about it.

5 ⭐ Restaurant Ordering System

We have guaranteed customer satisfaction for free.


No matter how great your restaurant is, it won’t get off the ground without first learning from your customer feedback. A lack of client feedback can lead to failure and low earnings, which makes sending them surveys all that much more important!

The best way for a business owner or manager to do this? Take our advice on designing customer feedback surveys to gather as much information about customer preferences as possible.

To make sure you start on the right foot, it is essential to ask the right restaurant survey questions before opening your business. These can include logo testing and customer feedback surveys so that any problems are identified beforehand rather than afterward when they may be more expensive or time-consuming due to an issue with specific design elements of the service, which you could have prevented if planners had known about its potential negative impacts ahead of launch day/time period etc…


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