I started this blog to set the record straight on chatbots. Along with developers who are not trying hard enough, there is so much misinformation put out there about what they can do and how marketers should use them
I introduced myself as someone that was tired of seeing websites spamming me daily for Facebook likes and subscriptions- which we all know doesn’t work! But don’t worry: my goal isn’t just create another article full of opinionated opinions; instead I am going provide you withstraight talk from real people using messenger marketing every day – without any fluffy or flowery language

My education, credentials, and/or experience

I have been digital marketing since around 2013 and joined manychat when they opened in 2015.

Studying with the agency, I became one of their recommended experts as well as a few other agencies that were excellent too! In my experience working for these top notch companies has given me invaluable skills which is why it’s no surprise you’ll find me offering consultation services now too where people can benefit from all those years spent honing my craft on building successful chatbots – along side software development geared towards business owners like yourself looking to expand your reach online through new channels such advertising automation tools or social media schedulers

chatbots for Fb - Shaun Mac

a few fun facts about me

As well as being a full time digital marketer, i also own tattoo studios, where as well as tattooing people we also tattoo shoes and sofas 

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